How to Clip on Twitch

How to Clip on Twitch in 2024 – A Step-by-Step Guide

In the world of live streaming, everyone connects through social media, Twitch is standing as a strong community to make this possible in a positive way. The most exciting feature of Twitch is the ability to create and share clips on it.

You might be wondering what the Twitch clip is. You are a newbie. Right?! 

So here are some terminologies about Twitch Clips that you must know to enjoy the broadcasts on it.

What are Twitch Clips?

Clips are short videos or video snippets, somehow lasting for a minute only. This is a way to capture the exciting moments and also the part of a video that you enjoyed the most.

Twitch facilitated its users to create clips. This feature has made it user friendly and this is the reason that it has more than 140 Million monthly active users.

Twitch Clips are Easy to Make:

You can clip on Twitch either by using a Smartphone or the Desktop. In this article, you will learn how to do it!  Here are the ways of both.

How to Make Clips on Twitch using a Desktop?

You can make Twitch clips by using a desktop (Windows or Mac). you have both facilities either using a Twitch desktop app or an official web app for browsers to do so. Here is a guide to make Twitch clips. Let’s learn how to do it!

1. Sign Up on Twitch:

To make Twitch clips using a desktop, you have to open Twitch’s official website in the browser. Then, you’ll have to put your credentials in the Sign up dialogue box to Sign Up on Twitch. 

2. Play up the streams:

After signing in, you’ll be asked to choose your interests. Then you are free to play any of the streams you like to watch. Play your favorite broadcasts or live streams on Twitch. 

3. Clip option:

When you find something interesting or worth sharing, hover over the video. In the bottom right corner, you’ll find an option for clips on Twitch beside the settings option. You simply need to click on it and you’ll move to the other tab. A screen will appear there for the clip creation.

You can also perform the same task by using the keyboard shortcuts: Alt+X (for Windows) and Option+X (for Mac). You can adjust the start and end points according to your choice.

4. Title to the clip:

After the trimming, you can add the title to your clip in the dialogue box. Giving a title to the clip is not compulsory but it can help you get more views.

5. Publish:

After adding the title to your Twitch clip, you can publish it easily by simply tapping on the publish button appearing below the dialogue box. 

How to Clip on Twitch Using a Smartphone?

Twitch is an AMP-based application and can be used on smartphones elegantly. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating clips on Twitch while using a mobile.

  1. First of all, download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Secondly, sign up to create a Twitch account.
  3. Then begin by playing a broadcast or live stream.
  4. Now, tap the video when you find something exciting you want to capture/clip.
  5. On the right corner of the page, you’ll find the clip button.
  6. Click the clip button, then tap on the trim clip option (customize the length and time by adjusting the start and end points).
  7. After the adjustments, add the title to the clip in the given title field.
  8. Then press Publish.
  9. Lastly, you can share it on social media by hitting on the share or copy link option.

Want to Share Your Twitch Clips? 

After publishing, you can share your clips by directly sharing options or clicking the copy link. You can also share that clip on chats with your friends to showcase the moments you enjoyed and captured.

Can I share Twitch clips on social media?

This is a most frequently asked question can we share clips on social media? The answer is yes. 

Twitch not only allows its streamers to make clips but the viewers can also do the same. You can create clips on Twitch and share them on Twitch and any other social media platform too. This helps you grow yourself on social media platforms.

How can you manage your Twitch Clips?

You can also view and manage your clips by going to your Twitch profile. Here you can find the clips section. You can view, edit, delete, or download Twitch clips as well.


In this article, you might have found the thing you were searching for. We are getting positive vibes from you by saying that you have learned how to clip on Twitch successfully. So now while using Twitch, clips can be captured from the live broadcasts as well as the past broadcasts. You can share your clips on social media conveniently too.

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