How to download twitch clips in bulk easily?

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Download Twitch Clips in Bulk Online


Video streaming world is evolving daily. There are concerns for the streamers as well as for the viewers. However, there are other members of the industry as well who are highlighting the issues in the video streaming websites.


Downloading videos is one of the main issues and has been highlighted many times. Finding a software that is affordable and compatible (works with twitch) is a serious task. Youtube has tried to mark itself in the field of video streaming but couldn’t achieve the popularity.


Now, when talking about Twitch, there are few misconceptions I want to highlight in this article:


  • Twitch TV is only a Video Streaming website.
  • Twitch only contains the gaming streamers/channels.
  • Twitch does not save clips.
  • Twitch’s streamed video doesn’t remain on the account for longer. 

These all highlighted points are the misconceptions and believe me these are not specified to few users, these are global misunderstandings about Twitch TV.


Twitch has:

  • Ability to save the clips
  • Many other niches other than gaming.
  • The option to save longer streamed videos for 14 to 60 days. 
  • The feature of providing other than streamed videos.


In the past, twitch had the option to save the streamed videos directly to your desktop and mobile. There is an ambiguity that the feature worked for mobile ever or not, but for desktop it really did. How?

You had to go to the video while playing it, clicking with the right button of the mouse, it triggered options, where it always showed the option to save the video.

Later, this option was not there in the list and multiple statements were seen over the internet. Few from the management team said that the change is due to the violation of Copyrights. Streamers do not want their content to go anywhere else than twitch tv or the platforms they upload themselves. On the other hand, their clips management department head released a statement saying that this option was gone by mistake, it can appear anytime soon.


For you better understanding, know that on Twitch other than live streaming there are two types of videos are available – Clips & VODs


  • Clips are the chunk of the streaming video which are usually of 19 to 30 seconds and are shared by the viewers with the purpose to make the stream go viral. 
  • VODs are the kind of videos on demand and are saved in the archive of the account. It is available for 14 days only and then deleted from the account. If you have partnered with Twitch, it allows you to have those videos in the archive for around 60 days.


Downloading Twitch clips is another type of hassle. When it comes to VODs, you need to have an online account at Twitch TV.
Twitch Clip Downloader Link
Downloading the clips for free has been made easier with the Twitch Clip Downloader Tools. You just need to open the tool, get the URL of the required video and paste in the url bar of the tool, you will be able to get the preview of the video before downloading it.

You can choose the quality of the video and clicking on download will give you a downloaded Twitch clip in mp4 format.


This is how you do it when it comes to Twitch Clips, but when it is about VODs, there is a different process.
You must sign-up to twitch, save the videos of your choice to your account, it will be available in your account and will be available in the form of link as well to be shared. You can use that link to download the twitch full videos easily.


Is there any bulk downloader?


When there’s a will, there is a way. Nature has made the super computer first in the form of humans and this crazy super computer is programming every possible solution to the problems one is facing in life.


Worry not, you can download twitch video in bulk for free now.

Twitch Clip Downloader has the feature to go insane – by insane I mean, download as many videos as you want, if it pushes an error towards you, you need to identify what is wrong with the permissions, with the streamers’ account, or length of the video.


You can have a software in your desktop downloaded and you can save the twitch full videos any time in bulk quantity but when it comes to an online tool, TCD is the best proposed solution.


Desktop Software


First and foremost thing you need to know is that there is no official website of this software, you need to access this tool through github, while going for Twitch Leecher you need to have a malware detector installed in your laptop/desktop.


Secondly, when I’m talking about malware, it means this software is purely for WINDOWS OS users, this is not available for MAC OS users, but the point is that you can download streaming and live videos directly and in bulk.


For Downloading video with Twitch Leecher, we will be updating a detailed article, which will be a complete guide. 


To sum up the substance, it can be said that downloading twitch clips as single or bulk is not a problem anymore, there are tools online as well as offline, you need to be sure what makes you feel secure and what serves you the best. Online tools are the easier approach when it comes to the comparison with the desktop app.

Happy Streaming!

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